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League of Legends Thread
Teemo isn't overpowered

[Image: Sup16and1.jpg]

Also that 1 death was from a tower, cause I'm a retard.

Anyone else play LoL? I know a couple of you fags play HoN but its just not my cup of tea.
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also fed
See I'm so bad I don't even know what fed is, but I'm so good I can go 16 and 0 without knowing how to play the game! YOU GAYLOUS?
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I found the range on most of her attacks to be lackluster... but then again I played dota for like two weeks six years ago, so I guess I'm kind of rusty to the mechanics / comfort zone of this kind of thing.

Finding LoL to be a lot more of a rewarding experience than HoN however.
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What are you talking about slurm?
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hon is definitely more rewarding what are you 5
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Keiku Wrote:What are you talking about slurm?

After playing a few games of LoL I noticed that in general the game seems a lot more zoomed in than dota or HoN. With all the characters that I have played, I generally get the feeling that there is less range behind their abilities than other similar characters in similar games. This just makes the game seem more "up close" to me for some reason.
[Image: gwash.jpg]
did they design that game in ms paint?
[Image: 200sw35799sw.gif]
There is no reward or anything to work for in HoN except a rating which is about as meaningful as Arena ratings in wow. Theres a cool outside the game leveling system in LoL that includes talent trees, and a gem/glyph like system for stats you keep going into everygame. LoL also has ratings, but I guess if your on of those graphic fags LoL isn't for you, go play something with inferior gameplay.
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because having players with extra stats outside of the specific character obviously adds up to fair and balanced game play
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