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WLPH Hosted PuG TotC/Onyxia 25m @ 9 PM - (11/06)
I'm just going to put the people who are signing up as dual spec on the wait list for now until we see what we need, then I'll add you as that spec. Also I need to see your offspec gear.
stormkin - boomkin
Gershom-fury warrior
I'd like to go on this or the 6pm run on my hunter, Vier. Doesn't matter which really.

PTR happening today it looks like at 7p server, so I may not be able to make it. Depeneds if testing goes through at all, if we get enough people, or if we kill it early.

We're done on the ptr, I'll be there for the raid.
Aditwo - Prot Pally
alandron unholy dps
origami - resto shaman
nogasm-supar ohsome fury warriorz
Chapster - Holy paladin
Rinsäku (Acsii A - Alt 132) Unholy DK

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