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WLPH Hosted PuG TotC/Onyxia 25m @ 9 PM - (11/13)
pick me roj i do things
nogasm-fury warrior
sabreen - elemental shaman
Bakery - Mage

Would love to come with you guys again this week (went with Grenda last week). Can't make saturday this weekend Sad
Darkan - Destro lock
Tale- Warlock
rinsäku - unholy DK
Killabudz- Dps/Tank
Vader - Tank

I'll try and log off in my tank gear, but I'm on alot and always rocking pvp gear, whisper me in game in you wanna check my tanking gear, I have like 39k health unbuffed.

Also I wanna roll on dps gear if possible
I got waitlisted on the other run so if i don't get into that one i can make this one.

War - Fury Warrior ... illa&n=War

I signed up last week to this run and i wasn't even waitlisted or responded to?

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