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WLPH (Grenda) Hosted PuG TotC/Onyxia 25m @ 9 PM - (11/14)
WLPH Now hosts a Regular 25m TotC/Ony aimed to clear Tournament and Onyxia in 2 hours or less, ideally finishing in 1 hour. This is aimed to take WLPHers who didn't make the main raid's normal clear as well as PuGs who are only interested in TotC and Ony 25m. No suck - we can't wipe to your stupidity all day.

Tally loot system applies.

Getting Charged on Beasts - 1 Tally

More to be added based on dumb mechanics that no one should fail to.

For the most part it will be first come, first serve, best skilled get the slots. However i will take close friends over pugs i do not know if the pug is late to signing up so sign up as soon as possible. I will be gear checking now, since some people are still not pulling their weight on dps meters and cost us kills.

If you are rolling on gear that is not the spec you are raiding as please let me know.

Tanks (2/2):
wumpy (protadin)
Matareze (war)

Tanks WL:

Healers (6/6):
Hollakitty (dru)
Darkmonte (preist)
Jorroll (pally)
Lòki (dru)
Ihealftw (preist)
pwntang (pally)

Healer WL:

Melee (7/8):
Grenda (rogue)
alandron (dk)
synj (war)
Gershom (war)
Phrostbyte (rogue)
Soladir (dru)

Melee WL:

Range DPS (10/9):
Deathling (dk) (going on tav hunter)
Frosteea (mage)
MayMays (mage)
Loopback (lock)
doomstorm (preist)
Bellexi (lock)
Shadowmame (preist)
ádie (boomkin)
Starforsaken (mage)

Melee WL:
Id like to bring my mage (herrmburglar)

EDIT: Got scheduled to work for a sick coworker, wont be able to make it sorry.

i'd prefer to bring tha kitty to this run
alandron unholy dps
wumpy protadin
Darkmonte holy priest
Arcane Mage Pvper (guildie) 5k-6k dps in 25mvoa only pve content ive done kno fights
Jorroll- Holy Paladin
Matareze Prot Warrior
Scrumptious Mage

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