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WLPH (Grenda) Hosted PuG TotC/Onyxia 25m @ 9 PM - (11/14)
maymays - mage
was signed up for friday totc@9 but not too sure i can make it in time, would be great if someone signed up to this one would switch places with me. thanks

update: meeks(scrumptious) went to the friday one for me so i am taking his place on saturday Smile
[Image: 396518.jpg]
Zweistel, mutilate rogue, would like to go.
I would like a spot in the ToC. I'm an arcane mage.

Nearly full 245+, missed Casuals raids this tuesday so I'm just trying to get a clear in this week.

Customs is my character name.
Take mah DK.
[Image: 2unznl0.gif]
Icerose - Mage
pwntang holy/ret pally Big Grin
Crucible - Holy or Ret Pally

Only can go to Ony if you guys have some people drop or something after TotC.
Firecrest - Holy Pally
Fey - Bear
Just joined as a friend would love to go if there's still room. I can go either balance or as feral tank.

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