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Wumpy's Saturday 10 man ICC (1-2-10) 5PM
I am now hosting a regular 10m ICC aimed for a full clear in 3 hours or less. I am only accepting smart, geared people into the raid. If you don't pull 4k dps, are just bad in general, or pull stupid shit you WILL be kicked.

Invites start at 5:00 PM server time. If you are late or afk, don't expect your spot to be held unless you talk to me about it earlier.

Loot system: Only a few items are reserved for regular attendees. Being a regular requires you to have attended at least 3 of my raids in a row and consistently done a good job/aren't annoying as fuck. Other than the few items that may be reserved it is open rolls of one main spec loot per boss, off spec is up for grabs. If you don't like these rules, don't sign up.(this week nothing is reserved as it is the third raid I've run so no regulars yet.

Invites are from this forum as first come first serve. I will be inspecting people and if you think naxx/ulduar gear is good enough you are wrong and will not get invited.

Again, if you pull low dps (below 4k) or you're pulling dumb shit that causes wipes you will be kicked. Also, if you are bad on Deathwhisper and aren't swapping properly you will be kicked as well.

Tanks (1/2):

Healers (1/3):One of you needs dps as offspec.

Melee (0/3):

Ranged DPS (0/3):
cant make it ;\
[Image: 396518.jpg]
Blitz - Fury or Tank

rolling on fury gear anyways
[Image: 200sw35799sw.gif]
[recruit]Dayvid[/recruit] - dps warrior
Hunter - I might not have the best gear, but I know my class/role and am willing to listen and learn. If you don't like what you see just simply ask me to step out and I shall.
doomstorm/ mathers what ever is needed Tongue PRO STATS
Grady - hunter
you know Im there Tongue

blood dk dps
know all fights

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