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WLPH Hosted PuG ICC 25m Friday @ 8PM - (01/29)
Note that this run does conflict with Lorake's earlier run, so if you are going to his do not sign up for this one please.

WLPH now hosts a Regular 25m ICC aimed for a full clear in 2 hours or less. This is aimed to take WLPHers who didn't make the main raid's normal clear as well as PuGs who are only interested in ICC 25m.

Invites start at 7:45. If you are late or afk, don't expect your spot will be held. We may still need you, but if your spot has been filled, too bad. We aren't going to sit there and wait for you to log in or get on the right character. Even if you whisper me later, I may miss your tell because I get a ton of whispers during invites.

Tally loot system applies.

First come, first serve, best skilled get the slots. I will be checking gear and if you think Naxx/Ulduar gear is good enough, you're WRONG.

Tanks (0/2):

Tanks WL:

Healers (0/6):

Healer WL:

Melee (1/8):
Røj - Rogue

Melee WL:

Ranged DPS (0/9):

Ranged WL:
Aidz- DK Tank.
Edit: Crap actually came up this day so I can't go. I'll be back next week though. ^_^.
oxblood - mutilate rogue
im back from vacation so toss sugarbabey in there dps war
I'll heal on Miakasu Disc Priest
Dayvid - Fury Warrior
Iconoclaste - Unholy / Frost Deeps
Soladir - Feral stuff


Jondx - Holy Paladin.
Orinis- Arcane Mage, have a few guildies interested in doing this as well, but one is really only geared as tank and I wasn't sure if you guys pugged tanks, lemme know and I'll have him register.

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