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02/12 25 ICC 6:30 p.m. GLADIATOR ZOIA Friday
Toto - Prot/Fury
eeii dps
[Image: 4BQkCvN.png]
Zweistel, mutilate rogue, or Vier, marksman hunter, would like to go. Would prefer Zweistel if I had a choice, but either will be available.
You're so fucking German Einzbern.

Oh and inv "The Furry Death."
Gradÿ - hunter, marks or surv Wink
[armory]Mewgirl[/armory], tanking DK, would love to accompany Slaydragons and his friends on this magical adventure, should you have room for her.

[armory]Yea[/armory] would also like to come.

I am familiar with tanking all fights - been doing it in 10s or 25s every week since ICC release.

p.s. armory tool is neat
Eklo, Enhancement
Kuroe Wrote:p.s. armory tool is neat
[Image: 4BQkCvN.png]
cancelled something came up

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