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10 ICC Sat @ 2 - cancelled due to scheduling
Alrighty. Let me know if you end up being able to go.
Run time (read:invites) at 1:30. I put it on the calendar that way. Posting here in case people blindly accepted it that way.




You'll notice I overrecruited. This is because people do not show up. This does not make me happy. Either get in touch with me prior to the run if you can not go, or do not sign up. If we end up having too many, two of the people listed above are only temp / alts, and don't mind stepping out - so please don't not show because you think you're not needed.
fml. work hours suck. I'll try to form this later on in the day or tomorrow. I'll have to figure out a way for me to wake up for this since I get home at about 7am server..
I'll be moving starting this Saturday. However, I don't think it'll impact me being on.. so I'll make an invite. If you don't find yourself on it, reply to this post.
Not so sure if I'll be able to wake up in time for it this week, i just got home from work and am dead tired, didnt sleep enough yesterday and need to be awake for my shift tonight... so i really need my full sleep today >< if i'm on, cool, but if i'm not, replace me immediately Sad
It didn't go. I wasn't able to log on at all - took all the rest of the week to move, because my boyfriend wrecked his car (so mine was the one carting everything). Doubled the time, lol. That, and my machine is still sitting on the living room floor not hooked up..
damn!!!! Well, I should be good to go this saturday Wink unless it's this week we're switching to thursday?
This Saturday is the last day of my old schedule. So it'll be at 2 pm server if I can remember to make invites.

As far as after that.. Gotta figure it out.
So apparently my schedule swaps tomorrow, not Sunday. So I can't head this up.

Aragon has 2x 10 ICC runs on calendar for sign ups, pick the best one for you since only one's going. It looks like they need a tank or two, and I see some of my group members signed up there anyway.

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