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FRIDAY PUG 9/3 @ 6:30 PM Cancelled due to holiday weekend
I will need to pull a disappearing act at 9 server, maybe will be able to stretch it a little, but if we start on time we should be done by then

Furly will transfer three days. From now on, 3 days, within three days he will transfer.
Felix b out of town. back next week.
[Image: AJ9Mc.png][Image: AJ9Mc.png]
im not sure yet if i can show my friend from miami is coming today and i dont know at what time i have to be at the aripot latest would be 9 server
Ok.. well based on current signups and half the raid posting they can't come, this probably isn't gonna happen this week. Show up to see if we can still pull enough people but yeah, not looking good.
[Image: forumpost.png]
gaybec unholy/frost dps dk if this raid is short
I'll be there on my DK again.
Animus/ Zallyssa will be up to 20 mins late, sorry. If it gets canceled before we show, someone text me, 9514528484
Friday run is cancelled this week. We're down too many people and we would be forced to start late, and a bunch of people have to leave early as well, so we're screwed either way.

I understand it's a holiday weekend so have good BBQ's or dragonslaying or whatever you nerds do.

Sign up next week and let's kill heroic lich king.
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