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Final Fantasy XIV
So who's gonna give it a shot? If so let's at least pick the same server, since it's fun to bullshit with you all.

If no one has a server to consider, I suggest Bodhum.
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I just started playing XIII today. Two hours in and I'm still pretty meh. The storyline is confusing and the combat seems pretty vanila. Graphics are very nice.
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Firecrest Wrote:and I'm still pretty meh. The storyline is confusing and the combat seems pretty vanilla. Graphics are very nice.


Might pick this up, if the reviews are good.
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Let's do it lorake.
I might play.

By open beta, a lot of the shit I couldn't stand in the alpha was corrected.
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ill do it if you get on vent and discuss your wow career with us
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No high expectations on this game. I'll play it, enjoy it, and maybe see where it goes.
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[spoiler]ITS A GRIND FEST JAPANMMORG[/spoiler]

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I rarely participate in these forums, but I'll make an exception for you mortals, and I'll even lend my opinion. For me, the magic of Final Fantasy has long since bid bon voyage to fans around the world. Most Final Fantasy fans upon hearing that Square's coming out with a new FF game find themselves immediately asking "are they remaking final fantasy 7?" and of course, the answer is always a resounding no. For me, Final Fantasy died a brutal and painful death with number 10 (number 8 gets a honorable mention for the horribly contrived junction system). It just took everything I liked (save for the music) and screwed it all up. I refuse to go on talking about FFX, because that would mean mentioning Tidus the "hero" and "his story". Instead, steering us back in the right direction, after reading a bit of the story, this game immediately strikes me as having some similarities to the beginning of FFIV (track 1 on their site sure pounded that feeling in). All that was missing was the reason as to why the Garlean Empire bothered to invade. Boredom? I don't know, but from there I moved on to see the playable races available....and oh my god! Fucking gnomes/halflings!! Fuck this! The little interest I had in this game is gone. Guess I'll try Guild Wars 2 instead. It looks better anyway.
I just can't stand the camera, controls, and interface of FFXI and FFXIV; it feels like it was made for a console, and I've never wanted to play an MMO on a console because of the camera, control, and interface differences from a PC.

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