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Heroic LK 25 - Joint Run
Final Level 80 Heroic Lich King - 25 man - Sunday, December 5, 2010. 8:00pm-12:00am (EST).

Reply to this post with your character name, class, and raiding spec(s) if you can make it.
Post if you were in a previous run and cannot make it.

Please check your /Calendar in game or on

WLPH has been struggling to get the right people online to get this fight done. This fight should be easier with the removal of the -20% dodge debuff and enhanced health and damage from many classes.

Some of us that have shown up each week and perform well but are at the mercy of some other players that do not or cannot show up and perform reliably. Because of this, we are going to try a joint run with other players that are geared (Heroic ICC/RS 25) and experienced raiders.

Since the run will contain people outside of guild, the loot will be random rolled for classes that can use the item on their primary spec.

WLPH will be expected to lead and provide the strategy for the fight. We expect everyone to know the fight and the only clarifications will be the positioning, CD, Stun, healing, cleansing, and tanking assignments.

No matter how good you think you are, if you have connection problems, vent problems, AFK issues, or fail to the basic raid mechanics (necrotic plague, shadow traps, stacking issues, frostmourne bombs), expect to be asked to sit and be replaced.

If you think addons may be causing your disconnects, please use the following mod to disable many outgoing addon spam messages. ... ssage.aspx

Nov 14, 2010
<CASUAL> Coffee [Warrior: Fury]
<WLPH> Furly [Mage: DPS]
<WLPH> Aragon [Warrior: Prot/Fury]
<CASUAL> Fizzbann [Mage: DPS]
<CASUAL> Endlessmike [Warlock: DPS]
<WLPH> Apruus [Warlock: DPS]
<WLPH> Swacked [Mage: DPS]
<WLPH> Poorjudgmeñt [Paladin: DPS]
<WLPH> Regolith [Mage: DPS]
<CASUAL> Elata [DK: DPS]
<WLPH> Under [Rogue: DPS]
<WLPH> Ragette [Warrior: Fury]
<CASUAL> Zweistel [Rogue: DPS]
<WLPH> Dreaper [Warlock: DPS]
<WLPH> Accused [Paladin: Prot/Ret]
<CASUAL> Booi [Warrior: Prot]
<DoR> Ninjamoo [Hunter: ]
<WLPH> Fordelf [Hunter: ]
<CASUAL> Frowntown [Paladin: Prot]
<WLPH> Plareplane [Priest: Shadow/Disc]
<WLPH> Talith [Paladin: DPS/Holy]
<CASUAL> Wrill [Hunter: ]
<WLPH> Zsigmond [Priest: ??/??]
<WLPH> Crucible [Paladin: Holy/??]
<WLPH> Squìrrel [Druid: Resto/Boom]
<Silhouette> Zallyssa [Shaman: Resto]

Nov 21, 2010 ~17th attempt kill
Frowntown (Paladin: Tank)
Accused (Paladin: Tank)
Elata (DK: DPS)
Under (Rogue: DPS)
Talith (Paladin: DPS)
Ragette (Warrior: A.DPS)
Nexdominus (DK: DPS)
Poorjudgmeñt (Paladin: DPS)
Coffee (Warrior: F.DPS)
Aragon (Warrior: F.DPS)
Squìrrel (Druid: Heal)
Fordelf (Hunter)
Endlessmike (Warlock: DPS)
Hitshade (Druid: DPS)
Apruus (Warlock: DPS)
Zsigmond (Priest: Heals)
Plareplane (Priest: Heals)
Zallyssa (Shaman: Heals)
Crucible (Paladin: Heals)
Jackslammer (Paladin: Heals)
Regolith (Mage: DPS)
Furly (Mage: DPS)
Swacked (Mage: DPS)
Myndore (Mage: DPS)
Kooqu (Warlock: DPS)
*Zaama (Shaman: Heals) -Had to leave early.

Nov 27, 2010 8th attempt kill
Furly (Mage)
Coffee (Warrior: DPS)
Hitshade (Druid: Moonkin)
Swacked (Mage)
Endlessmike (Warlock)
Shisty (Deathknight)
Under (Rogue)
Holdoutmedic (Priest: DPS)
Apruus (Warlock: DPS)
Aragon (Warrior: DPS)
Elata (Deathknight: DPS)
Icaria (Warlock)
Ragette (Warrior: DPS)
Darukti (Warlock)
Talith (Paladin: DPS)
Enigmá (Warrior: DPS)
Accused (Paladin: Tank)
Onyxish (Druid: Tank)
Fordelf (Hunter)* Swapped In for Ninjamoo
Ninjamoo (Hunter)* Swapped Out for Fordelf
Zsigmond (Priest: Heals)
Eyxx (Priest: Heals)
Zallyssa (Shaman: Heals)
Aani (Paladin: Heals)
Zaama (Shaman: Heals)
Squìrrel (Druid: Heals)
You can count me in on the druid, if you need to fill a spot.

[Image: WZpEFp9.gif?1]
[Image: NEsPq.gif]
[Image: 56jYs.gif]
I can Bear or Cat on Fey.
Firecrest - Holy Pally
Fey - Bear
Warrior Aragon - Fury or Prot.
Accused- Prot or Ret
[Image: 5FzNB.gif]
Fordelf is a hunter.
god bless it
[Image: 88jD2.gif]
Well I'm at least glad that we'll get this done now.

Fuck you Chris.
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