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the whole gang
tay [spoiler][Image: P9hSj.jpg][/spoiler]
nap [spoiler][Image: wVGE1.jpg][/spoiler]
kipp [spoiler][Image: E3D2p.jpg][/spoiler]
ghost [spoiler][Image: duLkv.jpg][/spoiler]
dreadlord [spoiler][Image: FECAs.jpg][/spoiler]
cahn [spoiler][Image: 1Yi6C.jpg][/spoiler]

more to come as migrants flock to my fortress
[Image: 4BQkCvN.png]
What game is that?
[Image: 5FzNB.gif]
Dwarf Fortress using Dwarf Therapist watch this to get a quick explanation

think minecraft in ascii with a civilization
[Image: 4BQkCvN.png]
should all get some ascii tattoos to represent

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