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Scáár Fire mage
1. Your age, gender, and time played: 19 ,Male, Total time 22 days ,7 hours ,29 minutes, 35 seconds.... and counting Big Grin

2. List any alts and off specs you have gear for AND CAN PLAY COMPETENTLY (your main should be able to respec and play any spec on the fly): My main spec is Fire, i can play frost pve spec also , sounds odd but it does pretty well. My professions are tailoring 525 and enchanting 502 . I have an alt a spriest kanisokadi 525 alchemy , and 492 tailoring .

3. Armory link:

4. WOL, WMO, WWS, etc. links and/or other clear indication of your performance in a raid: Err. Well I already cleared my skada after the raid tonight... not sure what to say

5. A history of your previous guild(s)/server(s), their progression, your rank and responsibilities in the guild, and reason(s) for leaving, also include any references we may contact: I was in afterlife on the horde side, then i switched to alliance . Where i joined redemption just to check out the guild, they wouldn't hardly let me raid so I left and joined simplicite. Im currently in simplicite , but the guild is not going the way I want it to, so I figured id try to get into a GOOD Guild here.

6. It is assumed you will be available from 8-12 ST (Server Time is EST) Tuesday through Thursday, during progression we will raid Sunday and Monday as well starting at 8 ST and ending when all encounters are defeated. If you can’t, please explain why you couldn't make our scheduled raid times (or why you even bothered applying): No problems here Smile I will show up to nom nom

Jackslammer wrote:
It is required you bring full consumables to every raid; that includes food buffs, two elixirs or flasks, and enough pots for the entire night, and of course fully repaired and ready to go when invites are out.

It is required you use the best gems and get the best enchants on your gear; endgame raiders should not have any cheap gems, cheap or no enchants, and/or incorrect stats for your class. In addition you must have two raiding professions leveled high enough for their maximum benefits.

You also must have a decent computer, decent Internet connection, and not have any lag/FPS issues. We also use Ventrilo during raids and speak English, it is necessary that you use Vent and a microphone, and be able to effectively communicate during raids.

7. Post a screen shot of your UI and/or a comprehensive list of mods that you use for raiding? Goona be honest your goona be like your UI fails .... I KNOW! Big Grin . The addons I really use are DBM, Combustion helper , combustion ,and skada

8. If you have thoroughly answered the following questions and you are confident you are what we are looking for, you have a good chance of being trialed, but we'd like to know why you want to join us? What made you choose us over the other guilds out there? Well Every since iv'e been on scilla I have seen you all own face, and be one of the most progressed guilds on the server. I want to be in a guild that actually downs stuff , and its full of idiots, but idiots with brains and a sense of humour Big Grin
I don't like this guy.... he was worshipping for like 4/5ths of the cast without getting interrupted.... even WITH all those melee next to him...
[Image: 8TSiopX.png]

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