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Kiango-Restoration Shaman
1. Your age, gender, and time played:
17, Female, 1 1/2 years

2. List any alts and off specs you have gear for AND CAN PLAY COMPETENTLY (your main should be able to respec and play any spec on the fly):
Recently server/faction changed to Sargeras, so all of my other 85s are horde.
I know the elemental rotation and could probably play it well, but I haven't been asked to do so in a while, and it would requite a bit of reforging. I've started collecting tier-quality ele gear to raid with in case I''m asked to go dps for a fight that requires less healers.

3. Armory link:

4. WOL, WMO, WWS, etc. links and/or other clear indication of your performance in a raid:
Although I'm 8/8, I had to PuG my way there over the past few weeks due to raids being called after healers/tanks/dps not showing up.

5. A history of your previous guild(s)/server(s), their progression, your rank and responsibilities in the guild, and reason(s) for leaving, also include any references we may contact:

Most of the guilds I've applied to have fallen apart over some period of time. In fact, in the guild I'm in now, this week I logged on 15 minutes before raid time to find I was the only person on in the entire guild.
And hour later this was still the case.

I drew the line there, as this was nothing new.
though I have a few people who can vouch for me!
Nikî--Ysondre (US)

6. It is assumed you will be available from 7-11 ST (Server Time is Central Time Zone) Tuesday and Wednesday, during progression we will raid Sunday and/or Monday as well starting at 7 ST and ending when all encounters are defeated, if you can’t make these times please explain why you couldn't make our scheduled raid times (or why you even bothered applying):
Can't see anything that would keep me from being there!
Actually, there will be a week or two in April I might need to skip out on due to prior engagements, but I'd find a replacement to fill my spot in advance.

7. Post a screen shot of your UI and/or a comprehensive list of mods that you use for raiding?

Not a lot, but it gets the job done Smile
Under the request of Zakytatha, I have made my Screenshot "pretty."
[Image: Screen-shot-2012-01-16-at-71745-PM.png]

8. If you have thoroughly answered the following questions and you are confident you are what we are looking for, you have a good chance of being trialed, but we'd like to know why you want to join us? What made you choose us over the other guilds out there?

I've been looking for a steady guild for a while, 25m preferably. All I want is a guild that knows what they're doing and has reliable attendance, and who aren't afraid to goof around every once in a while. After chatting briefly with Zakytatha, well, if even a few of the raiders have that sort of humor, I think we'd get along swimmingly. Smile
you're to young for this guild. and im reporting mini to the fbi
FFS. +2 points for Mini for it being a female. Goddamn it.
[Image: Re6ZKZp.gif]
the member I talked to has informed me his main's name is Mininolan. So yeah, replace that. Smile
[Image: tumblr_m0a72xSUNg1qe114b.png]
Dist can take her under her wing.......
[Image: Z6Y6J.png][Image: ibzLlzUB5F2DVQ.gif]
1. I doubt she is a lesbian.
2. Even if she was, she's 17.
[Image: Re6ZKZp.gif]
Stay away from Mininolan hes a womanizer.
[Image: 5FzNB.gif]
did you randomize your name
[Image: 16483_500sq.gif]
Qt Wrote:1. I doubt she is a lesbian.
2. Even if she was, she's 17.
[Image: tumblr_lxk9i3gaPy1r3q1ab.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_m0a72xSUNg1qe114b.png]
Toadles Wrote:did you randomize your name
my toon used to be a male troll, and I wanted a Swahili name thinking it would match (????) and so I went to all of the good names were taken
[Image: tumblr_lxickn8Qi61r3q1ab.png]
[Image: tumblr_m0a72xSUNg1qe114b.png]

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