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Sycosis - Warlock
1. Your age, gender, and time played:

24 / Male / 240 days on Sycosis. I have played this game since it came out, raided 40 man raids in Naxxamaras, and killed every boss except for heroic FL and Heroic DS due to a RL break I had to take due to work.

2. List any alts and off specs you have gear for AND CAN PLAY COMPETENTLY (your main should be able to re-spec and play any spec on the fly):

I have a 382 shadow priest that can dot some shit up and is ready for Heroic FL and 7/8 normal DS. I have 5 other 85's, including a realm first Resto PVE / PVP shaman that has realm firsts in Obsidian Sanctum 25 and Naxxaramas 25. I gave this toon up years ago the day after I got the original ZA Amani bear and moved on to my warlock.

3. Armory link:

4. WOL, WMO, WWS, etc. links and/or other clear indication of your performance in a raid:
This links to my own logs I run myself for recruiting purposes. The first run is an LFR, the second is a reg where people bailed after three attempts on Madness (and rightfully so, the fight is a joke). Note: I did not bother to pre-pot in a pug raid, that is not how I play in a progression minded guild.

5. A history of your previous guild(s)/server(s), their progression, your rank and responsibilities in the guild, and reason(s) for leaving, also include any references we may contact:

I was in Ravage, #1 guild on Anvilmar for years, then moved to Complete Disregard with some friends after Ravage fell apart due to poor leadership. We were server #2 for a couple of years under Voracity. I started getting really anal about my lag so I moved to Sargeras and joined up with Conviction and became a Core Raider where we were in the top 10 until they disbanded late in 2011. I ran my own guild for a while on Anvilmar as well, got it to #16, called Draconus, and have been Class Leader / Core Raider for much of my raiding life.

6. It is assumed you will be available from 7-11 ST (Server Time is Central Time Zone) Tuesday and Wednesday, during progression we will raid Sunday and/or Monday as well starting at 7 ST and ending when all encounters are defeated, if you can’t make these times please explain why you couldn't make our scheduled raid times (or why you even bothered applying):

Non-issue, I'll be on raid - ready, nuff said.

7. Post a screen shot of your UI and/or a comprehensive list of mods that you use for raiding?

[Image: 20z61ig.jpg]

Pitbull 4

8. If you have thoroughly answered the following questions and you are confident you are what we are looking for, you have a good chance of being trialed, but we'd like to know why you want to join us? What made you choose us over the other guilds out there?

I raided with some of your crew and they knew what they were doing - caused me to do some research and I continued to like what I saw. Seeing as you guys are in need of a lock and I'm a committed raider who is simply behind because I had to take a break, seemed like a good fit. I also like your raid times, they work out well for my schedule. I want to raid with people like me, who are dead set on killing shit, who don't mind wiping on progression as long as we are moving forward with each encounter, and who take the shit seriously and can cut up afterwards on scrub raids for achievements and shit. I've dabbled a bit in PVP but honestly could use some coaching in this area, and like every other caster under the sun out there, wouldn't mind a shot at progressing forward with my legendary, if given the opportunity, but will not QQ about it.
PM an officer for an invite and tell them to promote you to trial.
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i bet you say that to all the boys
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