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1. 19/M/A year and a half

2. No alts that would be applicable; all are horde. I play all warlock specs and I play them fantastically.


4. I've no recent logs. I played my priest for the beginning of DS and am 1/8 HM (don't laugh)

5. I was 6/7HM Firelands post nerf when I was on alliance but the guild quickly fell apart so I moved back to horde. ATM I am returning from a break (had some life issues) and am looking for a guild that doesn't raid 20 nights a week but also gets shit done, you guys seem like the spot. Plus I know your girl Kiango.

6. I can make Tusedays/Weds but the other days are limited. I have a boyfriend (four years) who has a high stress job (I don't work because I have a circadian rhythm disorder) and to sacrifice a night to raid with you and not be with him when he is the only reason I'll live past fifty isn't fair to him or me. I'd really love to be a sub, that way you can take more dedicated raiders and use me when you really don't have anyone, that way we're all happy.

[Image: f3un8w.jpg]
I use
  • ForteXorcist: (for cds, timing my procs, drainsoul ticks)
    Recount: (gotta top charts, lol but really I use it to make sure my damage is proportonal, recount has shown me where I should/shouldn't go full dots Immo/Cor/BoA over just one dot Immo/Incin/CB spam)
    Dominos: it makes my buttons all nice
    Xperl: Cleaner, smaller UI with more adequate dot timers
    Quartz: To track my casting latency and preque more spells
    DrDamage: To know when to reapply certain dots

8. I want to join your guild because I know one of your raiders, I want to come back to WoW, and I want to raid in a guild that doesn't raid 8/7 days a week for 36/24 hours. I need time to myself but I also wanna get shit done. Smile
This is the warlock I mentioned in the other thread. If he transfers over I'll trial him in normal along with a few other friends.
[Image: tumblr_m0a72xSUNg1qe114b.png]
any friend of Zoe's is a friend of Mcnolan
[Image: Z6Y6J.png][Image: ibzLlzUB5F2DVQ.gif]
Firecrest Wrote:PST an officer for an invite.
I can't transfer for a few days. Expect me on the 10th.
jackslammer Wrote:
Firecrest Wrote:PST an officer for an invite.
Firecrest - Holy Pally
Fey - Bear
3 days
in 3 days i will transfer
[Image: 4BQkCvN.png]
Crazy Diana Wrote:3 days
in 3 days i will transfer
Why are you transferring?
I'm the one coming over.

I feel something is wrong here.
This guild is 99% inside jokes. Be prepared to be confused.
Firecrest - Holy Pally
Fey - Bear
Firecrest Wrote:This guild is 99% inside jokes. Be prepared to be confused.
Me gusta.

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