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Ayeru Holy Paladin/Sargeras
1. Your age, gender, and time played:
18/Male/4-5 years

2. List any alts and off specs you have gear for AND CAN PLAY COMPETENTLY (your main should be able to respec and play any spec on the fly):
Just my paladin Ayeru on Sargeras. MS Holy OS Ret

3. Armory link:

4. WOL, WMO, WWS, etc. links and/or other clear indication of your performance in a raid:
(My name is Bemidji in this)

5. A history of your previous guild(s)/server(s), their progression, your rank and responsibilities in the guild, and reason(s) for leaving, also include any references we may contact:
I have been through many servers with my paladin. The server i was on before Sargeras was Tanaris. I was horde then, and my progression was 5/8 normal 10m. I left that server because a friend of mine (Kiango) was on this server and also my old server's progression was really bad.

6. It is assumed you will be available from 7-11 ST (Server Time is Central Time Zone) Tuesday and Wednesday, during progression we will raid Sunday and/or Monday as well starting at 7 ST and ending when all encounters are defeated, if you can’t make these times please explain why you couldn't make our scheduled raid times (or why you even bothered applying):
I can make those times!

7. Post a screen shot of your UI and/or a comprehensive list of mods that you use for raiding?

8. If you have thoroughly answered the following questions and you are confident you are what we are looking for, you have a good chance of being trialed, but we'd like to know why you want to join us? What made you choose us over the other guilds out there?
I am choosing this guild because like i said, my friend Kiango and Jupitar are in your guild and also because I am looking for good progression. I have never been too focused on raiding untill Cata came out and since it did I have not been on a good server.

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kiangos bf has spoken
[Image: 4BQkCvN.png]
Crazy Diana Wrote:kiangos bf has spoken
If Ayeru will hold off till the weekend, I'll clear DS with him, Jupitar, and the new Warlock that should be dropping into the guild in a few days this weekend (probably end up clearing on sunday). I'll organize something. TRIAL EVERYONE.
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