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"I just moved over here, bro"
So I haven't really followed it, but I stumbled across the transcript of the dude who discovered that kidnapped Amanda Berry chick and her daughter. And holy hell, it's funny. This is what this dude actually said after the 911 dispatcher answered:

Quote:I’m at 2207 Seymour, West 25th. Hey, check this out. I just came from McDonald’s, right? I’m on my porch, eating my li’l food, right? This broad is tryin’ to break out the fuckin’ house next door to me. So, it’s a bunch of people on the street right now and shit, so we like well, what’s wrong? What’s the problem? She like, ‘This motherfucker done kidnapped me and my daughter and we been in this bitch.’ She said her name was Linda Berry or some shit, I don’t know who the fuck that is. I just moved over here, bro.
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I dont know WHO IN DA FUQ that is I just moved over here, bro
[Image: AJ9Mc.png][Image: AJ9Mc.png]
[Image: Gmpw2.jpg]
[Image: QTm4t.png]
Hahaha this guy is unbelievable.
[Image: tumblr_lkhih4tRW21qd9t37o1_500.gif]

Quote:I knew somethin' was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. Somethin' is WRONG here. Dead giveaway! Deaaaddddd giveaway. Deaaaaadddddddddddddd giveaway. She's got problems. That's the only reason she's running to a black man!
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Watch the guy behind him after he says that haha
[Image: tumblr_lkhih4tRW21qd9t37o1_500.gif]
Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland man who rocketed to attention in May after aiding in the rescue of three women held for years by the alleged kidnapper Ariel Castro, says the good fortune that followed has turned to dust.

Ramsey, 45, told the Daily Mail his life has been upended since the rescue, complaining that he can't keep a job because of the attention he receives. One restaurant fired him because so many people went into the kitchen to shake his hand, he said.

"I'm broke, bro, and that's the truth," he told the publication.

If Ramsey's story has a familiar ring, that's probably because his rise and apparent fall echo those of big lottery winners, who are more likely to go bankrupt than people winning small prizes. Ramsey's sudden fame prompted him to buy an $8,000 BMW, and he now says he's stopped answering his phone because of creditors.

Ramsey has earned $30,000 in donations from well-wishers and for corporate speaking engagements, according to the report. Yet he's also said to be booked for several more speaking dates, which could bring him an additional $50,000 and seems to undercut his claims of being strapped.

But Ramsey told TV station WUSA that the Daily Mail got one thing wrong: He's not homeless. He said he still has a Cleveland home but is couch surfing with friends and relatives because so many people were knocking at his door.

In the meantime, Ramsey isn't likely to go hungry. Several restaurants vowed to provide free burgers for life, including McDonald's, which he repeatedly mentioned in his account of rescuing the women.

Ramsey offered a piece of advice he's learned over the past two months: "Only a fool and his money parts. Money goes fast if you have bills."
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