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D3 and PoE are pretty similar at heart. You go through the story line and then you find a spot and you farm the hell out of it. You come back because you’re always hoping for that gold text or the rare that’s got just the right stats. Both require a pretty carefully crafted build/gear strategy.

TL2, on the other hand, gives you all the gear you ever need. There’s no real trading in TL2. Drop-rates and quality are upped to compensate. You find a bunch of great gear that you can use and you never feel underpowered as you progress. So you just run through the story line over and over, and each time it gets more difficult and more challenging. Finding gear is still nice, but most pieces only last for like 10-15 hours of play before you’ve out-leveled them and found another. You’re not coming back to the game because you’re hoping something shiny will drop – you’re coming back because of the challenge.

That’s really the big difference between TL2 and D3/PoE. In D3/PoE, once you hit max level and start building up your god-mode farming character – the game gets progressively easier as you get gear and skill/level upgrades. TL2 starts out as a slaughterfest but gets progressively more and more challenging as you go – and never plateaus or gets easier.


GGG has made a lot of improvements to PoE that have helped a lot. And races are pretty fun. If you’re thinking about coming back, it’s worth it. However, you may want to wait until the actual release (planned for September, I think). The game’s major flaw is still the weakness of the map based endgame system. It was added as a sort of “here, fuck with this while we put together the actual end-game” kind of thing and it shows. The addition of a real end game (and a promised trade system) should make it the best of the three IMO.
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d3 is farm auction house

pls dont insult poe
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