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WTB inv to clan WLPH in Diablo 3
inflate that post count crucible... inflate IT

hows the next expansion pack looking haha?
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Why do you guys play this shit game still
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what else should we play?
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Path of Exile > Diablo
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Kaistine Wrote:Path of Exile > Diablo
Having put hundreds of hours into both, I strongly disagree. Both are great and worth playing, but PoE's lack of polish hampers it in practically every important aspect. PoE has "darker" graphics, but they are pretty crappy. D3 also wins in balance, itemization, questline smoothness, end game and replayability (that last one is a bit subjective, the rest not so much). It also gets a HUGE thumbs up over PoE in technical aspects. Desync killed PoE for me. If you're into HC, I can't warn you away from PoE strongly enough.

Jury is still out on loot 2.0, but so far I like what I see. And, no matter what, it will probably still be better than PoE's current loot system where only a dozen legendaries are worth even picking up and 95% of the gear you wear was bought through PoE's shitty trade system. My monk's gear was top end before the D3 patch and loot 2.0 has already managed to produce 3-4 upgrades (2 of them legendaries).

I think the only aspect where PoE really shines is in build diversity. I like PoE's skill system. You have far more choices available. But that said, once you get all the "playful" builds out of the way, the RIGHT build normally comes down to something that's just as straightforward as what D3 offers.

Unless you're super into "sticking it to the man", Blizzard's exceptional polish produces a superior product.
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Who the fuck is this RichardN guy?
scum of the earth
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i love you
Under the Light of Dawn
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