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WLPH Quotes
I'm making a random quote generator for the page, and i need some of our quotes:

Can we move the boss away from the water?
-On our first night of Archimonde attempts, after having people thrown into the water which silences, Abec decides to move the boss and gives a quick overview of the raid positioning changes. 5 seconds later after the discussion Skillzndrillz asks if we can move the boss away from the water.

We got this guys!
-Shinji starts going nuts over vent at 20% on Kael Thas indicating we are about to kill him, veteran raiders are immediately pissed off as we know anything can happen to wipe the raid.

Like i clicked the soulstone but like it rez'd me outside.
-Knowing that Shinji would probably eat a bomb on Void Reaver we Soul Stone'd him, he died before 90%, we all laughed and said good thing we gave him a soul stone, however, he clicked release and it sent him outside.

I know you know I know what i know, bitch.
-After Shinji failed to use his tear and face planting multiple times on Archimonde Benu flips out on him for being a bad player and Shinji returns with this ingenious conundrum of a retort.

Your big ass jew nose blocked your wasd keys and you died to a void zone?
-In Naxx 10 man, Abec calls out Lawlerbation and his inability to move away from the obvious Void Zones ( blue ) on Sarthaion 3 drakes having died 3 times on the same kill.

Good post, keep it up.
-This is a mock to the post made by Silent Affliction member talking trash about Zoia.

-During BC era raiding, Ecthelion would ask for many misdirects due to low threat generation, however we had to inform him there was a 2 minute cool down on the ability.

Pull your asses out of your heads!
-Quote originally from Zefiel in AoTR during a AQ40 raid of wiping on trash. This has become a common vernacular during touchy raids to wake people up.

You cant do this with 3 paladins.
-Its impossible to do ZA with 3 paladins, according to Ilya

Eat up my lil piggies!
Eat up my lil fishies!

-Yelled on vent by the infamous Crazyd when he drops a feast for the raid.

That fuckin' bitch pulled half the fucking Council trash.
-This was said by Abec during a routine Black Temple clear, Maymays asianly walked into a group of mobs and pulled a bunch of trash we normally bypassed.

Please, some of us have jobs.
-Indicated by Twildorf when it was stated that we would continue raiding even though it had been 3 hours.

You know what abe, fuck you and fuck your guild.
-Stated by Tactii in his rage during a Black Tempe run against Bloodboil, his gquit promptly ensued

This isn't rocket surgery.
-Voke's awesomeness crafted this.

Pulling in 5... 4... 3... oh shit, go.
-After a ready check on the Twins in Sunwell, Abec countdowns the pull, he jumps to indicate the tempo for the countdown, however he was to close to the end of the ledge and it made him fall off aggroing the boss, he attempted to play it off as if this was normal.

I never misloot.... shit... open a ticket.
-Commonly stated by Abec as he was the master looter for all of BC and most of Naxx in WotLK. Normally a misloot would follow right after which would require tickets.

Got it.
-This would indicate if Abec was able to reach the next Void walker on M'uru in Sunwell, it started with "I can get it" and was eventually shortened to "Got it." after many attempts.

I'm skateboarding on the bushes
-Abec's excuse as to why he would always get stuck behind the bushes in Sunwell, he would need someone to stand near him so he could intervene back out our needed a summon in some cases.

Don't use heroism unless I yell at you
-Abec yelling at shamans (started with pleept) due to random uses of heroism on bosses and popping the ability at the same time as other shamans wasting one of the uses.

What's the lore behind <insert any boss her>
-Commonly used to get Abec to talk for 10 minutes on useless lore. Aragon and Furly have been added into the mix.

I thought they were us.
-Abec in his many nights of raid leading finally lost it as he was running up towards the end of Kalecgos trash thinking it was clear, one of the trash mobs looked like Icet ( a shadow priest in guild ) and Abec accidentally pulled them and died, then stated the above comment.

Not even JK.
-Commonly used by Abec to indicate he is serious and not being sarcastic.

"Sup, [insert name or title] here."
-Originally used by Abec in Servants of Aman Thul to let everyone know he was online and ready to tank heroics.

Buckle down.
-After tired of using the phrase "focus" Abec looked up a thesaurus entry and "buckle down" became the new phrase.

There's too many sparkling wiggles at the party. ... 4448&hl=en

-The ultimate max focus song, this was played before our Alliance side first M'uru kill on Nathrezim by Grady.

"I'll take a Number 3 and a burrito."
-Abec's order at Taco Bell.

-In the many nights it took coordinating the dps to learn when to push M'uru to death and when to stop as there is only a 8 second window, this would be yelled on vent.

Spirit is for gays.
-Alyse referring to how all classes that use spirit for mana return are 'gay'.

We've got 4 fucking mages and 1 sheep!
-BC raiding with mages was terrible, we would commonly bring 3 - 4 mages, and we'd at the most have one sheep up at any given time.

Ploopt taunting demon.
-Ploopts mic was terrible, he needed pop filterin front of it as every time he would let the raid know he was taunting the demon on Kalecgos, everyone got a blast of super distortion.

I kick every time its up.
-Souperigo letting everyone know that he is kicking every time its up on Reliquary of Souls.

Is that mob using a sonic spear?
-I believe this was though of by Nizate, it is used to reference when mobs are using items that drop from other bosses.

Are these the mobs that you can two man?
-Another Abec failure after he saw a video online how to two man trash in Black Temple, he kept indicating which mobs you could two man, only getting it right when all other choices were exhausted.

If it crits it crits.
-Used by Starathis as a reason to why his dps was always so random.

Flank them!
-Vokes strat for Mount Hyjal which consisted of him solo running at trash from all sides.

1 rogue is like 4 mages.
-I dont remember exactly, but basically this was said on vent as to why our dps was low, the next attempt on the boss we were doing the dps was 4 times as high from the one rogue as it was for the mages.

The mount dropped!
-Farming 3 drake sarth every week, Voke is amused that we get a mount to drop every time.

Yeah, but she has two piece tier 5
-This is a reference as to why Maymay's would always out dps our full tier 6/sunwell geared mages on dps boss fights.

Is that mini on lawler?
-This also translate into other usage such as "Is that xxx on xxx". This originated from Mininolan logging on Lawlerbation to help us during Sunwell progression, the question was asked multiple times as to determine the ability of who was playing on Lawlerbation.

bye sanderz bye
-One dark night Drunkslammer got pissed off and decides to gkick sanderz from the guild for being a douchebag.
[Image: quotelogo.php]
my phone has been dead all night and i forgot my charger Sad
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hmm thats the first i've heard that quote
[Image: quotelogo.php]
This isn't rocket surgery.

Pulling in 5... 4... 3... oh shit, go.
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how about

Soup: What's a pee hoe?

i wish i could quote Lorake rage
shit was amazing

any good ones from tankyou?
i forget his rant too
[Image: 200sw35799sw.gif]
black trash
[Image: tumblr_lkhih4tRW21qd9t37o1_500.gif]
I'm so sweaty.
[Image: maneggs5.jpg]
"Not even JK."

"I'll pay your sister $20 to kick your ass!"

"Sup, [insert name or title] here."

"Buckle the FUCK down."

"There's too many sparkling wiggles at the party."


"What does that make you!? White Trash!?"

"Holy Shit a Memento dropped."

"There goes Immortal..."

"I'll take a Number 4 and a burrito."

"Just let the healers tank the imps."


"That fuckin' bitch pulled half the fucking Council trash. <Maymays joins the channel> God damn. She fucking sucks at this game."

"Fuck you I'm joining Men's Wearhouse."
I kick every time its off cooldown.
[Image: tumblr_lkhih4tRW21qd9t37o1_500.gif]
"Spirit is for gays."


"We've got 4 fucking mages and 1 sheep! WTF?"

"Abe never misloots." Followed shortly by, "You can just ticket that, right?"
Firecrest - Holy Pally
Fey - Bear

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