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as of August 2012, updated by Jackslammer

Firstly register and pass the CAPTCHA.

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Subject: "Character's name" - "class and spec" ("server if not Sargeras")

Answer all questions and exclude quoted text:

1. Your age, gender, and time played:

2. List any alts and off specs you have gear for AND CAN PLAY COMPETENTLY (your main should be able to respec and play any spec on the fly):

3. Armory link(s):

4. It is assumed you will be available from 7-11 ST (Server Time is Central Time Zone) Tuesday and Wednesday, during progression we may raid Sunday and/or Monday as well starting at 7 ST and ending when all encounters are defeated, if you can not make these times please explain why you couldn't make our scheduled raid times (or why you even bothered applying):

5. If you have thoroughly answered the following questions and are confident you are what we are looking for, then you have a good chance of being trialed, but we'd like to know why you want to join us? What made you choose us over the other guilds out there?

Quote:DISCLAIMER: WHAR LEWTS PLZ HALp is a happy fun-time guild whose comments and nature thereof can offend individuals if taken personally, and, although we commit to teamwork and never intend to upset a player, it occasionally happens. We can and most likely will be critical of your performance, your gear, your application, your spec, your voice, your gender, your race, your old guild, etc., so we must say if you are easily offended by harsh criticism and/or obscenities. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!
Words from the wise:

mascaron Wrote:You need not include these questions in your application, but if you cannot answer "yes" to the following questions you may wish to reconsider submitting an application. These expectations should be a given for all raiders, and if you cannot reply with a "yes" to all of them, (or at least provide an excellent reason for your "no") you will likely not be considered for a trial. To put it plainly, these things are the bare minimum, and realistically these questions shouldn't even need to be asked.

Pre-application Checklist:

1. Are you properly gemmed/enchanted/reforged? - This is one of the first things we look at, and if you do it poorly your chances of getting a trial are nonexistent.

2. Do you have 2 raid professions? - If you have a gathering profession, you should level something useful before you submit an application, assuming you want us to take you seriously.

3. Do you have maxed reputations applicable to your class? - If you aren't exalted with Therazane (or have inscription), or the reputation required for your classes helm enchant, you should complete these before applying.

4. Is your spec well-researched, does it reflect a good knowledge of your class, and does it make sense for your role in a PvE raid?

5. Do you have appropriate raid experience for our progression level? (If you don't, you'll want to provide good reasons why you don't, and why you think we should consider you anyway).

6. If you are asked questions about your spec/gemming/enchanting choices and/or have additional information requested about your raid experience, will you be able to answer?

Quote:It is required you use the best gems and get the best enchants on your gear; endgame raiders should not have any cheap gems, cheap or no enchants, and/or incorrect stats for your class. In addition you must have two raiding professions leveled high enough for their maximum benefits.

You also must have a decent computer, decent Internet connection, and not have any lag/FPS issues. We also use Mumble during raids and speak English, it is necessary that you use Mumble and a microphone, and be able to effectively communicate during raids.

Quote:Perfect play is often nearly impossible. However, we expect you to be maximizing your performance in every possible way. That means bringing consumables, knowing what's going on and how to avoid it, maximizing your DPS/Healing, and generally bringing your A Game. It's okay to fuck up once or twice, but admit that you fucked up, maybe mention to an officer the reasoning behind it, and don't let it happen again.

Quote:You need to be able to shrug off being told that you fucking suck. If you can't deal with what is at times a high stress environment, then you may need to consider going elsewhere because you will only find that you are unhappy later
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I've removed some of the steps to make it less daunting.
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abecx Wrote:I've removed some of the steps to make it less daunting.
I removed the whole previous employer section too. Five simple questions that can all be answered with a few words or links off the top of the applicants head should be simple enough.
I started posting in trade chat too
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