Full Version: What server are you shitlords on
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Thinkin about checking out WOD. Horde or Alliance?
Quick. Someone BoP him.
Why aren't you playing, Alyse? The expansion is fucking incredible.
Is it? I honestly haven't been following it at all. I saw a couple of the cinematic trailers, but that's about it.
It feels like Burning Crusade, but with all the best traits of the other expansions.

They removed a LOT of fat from the game, such as too many abilities, talents, flying mounts, the list goes on.

You would think that it would make the game shitty, but holy crap its better than its been in a LONG time.
I'd like to believe you, Abe, but you're always too optimistic about content.
The fact that i have scroll to see people online speaks volumes.
I was actually gonna buy this until Blizz tried to get me to send my DL to them over the internet to get my Authenticator from 5 years ago removed.

Yah that's gonna happen with their stellar fucking security.
Game is awesome, but we don;t have any time for swill drinking natives.
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