Full Version: minis shitshow wedding carpool
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this is my route, anyone need a ride
my route if anybody needs a ride


must wear anti-military attire
Who is definitely going?

I'm also afraid of this guy flying and attending armed with a semi-automatic weapon: http://www.gofundme.com/r7fdqvg
i hope you all dutch oven the car and enjoy the guild smell
Jack you are going?

I had no idea, I know Crazyd, Ghost, Me and Fagbec are going For sure. I am booking everything this week.
i heard on the rice vine that danny da wang is coming too

and actually abec is unsure atm
Jack, burn a flag at this wedding.
I'm still under a lot of moving stress. I'm pretty sure I'll be going, I just don't want to commit yet.
Jack what time you think you will be passing by Baltimore/Washington International?
booked a room at the omni shoreham for ghost and I.

You gonna be jelly of our pool.
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