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Heroic BoT 10 Man
I'm going to be doing a 10 heroic BoT this coming Monday, July 4th - 1pm server. Going to go for at least 4/5 bosses. More guildies the better.
4/5 bosses?

Heroic council?

Oh god.

That said I can probably be there if I don't forget...still need bracers on my lock, yo.

Yeah, we will try for all bosses on heroic, if we can't get one we will do it normal and continue on. I would like someone that knows the fights pretty well on heroic that is able to explain them. I have not done them on heroic yet but I do know the new mechanics we have to deal with.

If it comes down to it and I have been looking for geared and experienced players for probably about an hour I will just do BoT on normal so I don't miss out on loot chance.
I think you greatly underestimate the difficulty of even heroic V+T. Main group will wipe to that for a while if shadow realm group isn't good.
Not going to be running it now, only one guildie showed any interest and right now I don't feel like playing so I'm going to go chill with friends. See y'all tonight.

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