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TotGC Immortality run... lol
With the coming of 4.0.3, they will be removing the mounts that you can obtain from both 10 and 25 man TotGC. This is basically a post to see if I can find 20-25 interested persons that PLAN on not dying and kill all the bosses with 50 attempts left in 25m TotGC.

So post if you're interested and with what toon. If there is enough interest we can run this every Thursday until the new patch comes out.


*edit - please have the Tribute achievements of 45 attempts remaining or greater for either 10 or 25m... unless I know you're a good player then we can skip this part.
Sign me up.

Aani, Holy Paladin
Frowntown will tank this.
[Image: forumpost.png]
I'd love to do this on either my paladin or my warlock (preferably my warlock). I raid-lead a [Realm First! Grand Crusader] on my prot paladin, so I know the ins and outs of every fight in there.

If a good start time can be established, I'd go Big Grin
Interested in healing this, have the 50 achieve in 10 man.
aiktenmowgli. holy or shadow priest has ten man mount.. IE)50 try left kill.
I can heal or dps as 6.5k+ gs Resto/Boomkin. Have insanity on 10, from more than a year ago.
I am pretty sure I can have at least 3-4 more ppl from the guild who would come to dps, all similarly geared.
[Image: fH3gB.png]
ill dps on lock or warr, both have mad skills or insanity
I'll go on my Warlock Gellidus
I might be down for this on Fey or Crucible. Kinda depends on the day and time though.
Firecrest - Holy Pally
Fey - Bear

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