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PUSH 3x5
a form of bench press (suggest low decline BB)
a form of shoulder press (suggest BB push press)
a form of squat
accessory movements a form of triceps (3x8)
+ form of abdominal work (suggest BB decline push crunch)

PULL 3x5
a form of pullup/pulldown (suggest neutral grip chins)
a form of row (suggest high elbow bench pulls)
a form of deadlift
accessory movements biceps curl (3x8), GHR (3x8)
+ form of oblique work (suggest DB side bend)
Bench Press (Calc 90%1RM-172lbs 3x5 65lbs DB 145lbs BB)
Set 1 65% 100 lbs x 5 70% 110 lbs x 3 75% 115 lbs x 5 40% 60 lbs x 5
Set 2 75% 115 lbs x 5 80% 125 lbs x 3 85% 130 lbs x 3 50% 75 lbs x 5
Set 3 85% 130 lbs x 5+ 90% 140 lbs x 3+ 95% 145 lbs x 1+ 60% 95 lbs x 5
Squats (Calc 90%1RM 262lbs 3x5 225lbs)
Set 1 65% 155 lbs x 5 70% 165 lbs x 3 75% 175 lbs x 5 40% 95 lbs x 5
Set 2 75% 175 lbs x 5 80% 190 lbs x 3 85% 200 lbs x 3 50% 120 lbs x 5
Set 3 85% 200 lbs x 5+ 90% 210 lbs x 3+ 95% 225 lbs x 1+ 60% 140 lbs x 5
Deadlifts (Calc 90%1RM 317lbs 2x5 255lbs)
Set 1 65% 185 lbs x 5 70% 200 lbs x 3 75% 215 lbs x 5 40% 115 lbs x 5
Set 2 75% 215 lbs x 5 80% 230 lbs x 3 85% 240 lbs x 3 50% 140 lbs x 5
Set 3 85% 240 lbs x 5+ 90% 255 lbs x 3+ 95% 270 lbs x 1+ 60% 170 lbs x 5
Overhead Press (Calc 90%1RM 124 3x5 105lbs)
Set 1 65% 75 lbs x 5 70% 80 lbs x 3 75% 85 lbs x 5 40% 45 lbs x 5
Set 2 75% 85 lbs x 5 80% 90 lbs x 3 85% 95 lbs x 3 50% 55 lbs x 5
Set 3 85% 95 lbs x 5+ 90% 100 lbs x 3+ 95% 105 lbs x 1+ 60% 65 lbs x 5
calculated for 5/3/1 Wendler with


HIIT/PLYO/Sprint work - AM

tuck jumps 2x10
squat jumps 2x10


20lb Sandbag
slams 3x5
side throws 3x5
overback toss 3x5
clap pushups 3x5

Two legged Hops 3x20mtr shuttles
split squat jump 3x10
Single Leg Hop 3x20mtr shuttle each leg.


A.Bounding 3x20mtr

40mtr shuttle jogging start 75% intensity
40mtr shuttle walking start 75% intensity
40mtr shuttle standing start 75% intensity
40mtr shuttle jogging start 90% intensity
40mtr shuttle walking start 90% intensity
40mtr shuttle standing start 90% intensity
40mtr shuttle standing start 100% x3


B. Hills
Sprint.95% ......Up Hill
Walk...20%.......Down Hill
Sprint.85% ......Up Hill
Walk...20%.......Down Hill
4x4 approx 20min
5min warm down jog

SPEED DAY Weights - PM

Pick one of the olympic lifts (C&J or Snatch).

warmup/technique work 3x5 reps @ 65% 1 rm, in this order.

Snatch Not yet Calc

Overhead Squat
Quick Drop
Hang Snatch

C&J Not yet Calc

High Pull
Hang Clean
Split Jerk

Rest Day

2-4min dynamic stretching
15-30min light cardio 60-70% intensity
15-20min of static stretching each rest day[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Dietary Info
190lbs Weight Loss Primary concern
2200 Workoutday..........|Protein=215g
2000 Rest................|Carbs=144g

BMR calculation for men
BMR = 66 + ( 6.23 x weight in pounds ) + ( 12.7 x height in inches ) - ( 6.76 x age in years )
Light exercise (1–3 days per week) Daily calories needed = BMR x 1.375

190lb 5'9"
Maintenance 2728 calories
Weight Loss 2319 calories

For Meal suggestion and Diet generator visit[/spoiler]
[Image: AJ9Mc.png][Image: AJ9Mc.png]
Did you really have to hide your copy and paste? FFS
It isnt purely COPY PASTE and I put them in spoilers so every time some one views this thread they arent bombarded by text if they've already seen it.

This has been the culmination of the last few weeks of research. I found a few routines for push/pull as well as a few hiit and olympic lifting protocols and adjusted them all to meet my needs. I also still need to calculate and adjust the olympic lifts when I can find a suitable protocol for progression with the olympic lifts and their accessories.
[Image: AJ9Mc.png][Image: AJ9Mc.png]
Those are all compound exercises, pretty much what I have been sticking to, anything that requires doing lots of weight to build up the large muscle groups for higher resting metabolism.

Of course 'lots of weight' is comparative to my current level which isnt much higher than what is listed.
[Image: quotelogo.php]
Are you doing these for strength or for size? You need to do more with your legs besides squats and deadlifts, there is nothing funnier to me in the gym than a guy walking around with bigger forearms than his calves. Another thing that helped me greatly with speed and my vertical was jumping rope. I started out very wonky while doing it, but after a year I was doing the shit you see in Rocky IV as a warmup. It improved my stamina a ton as well.

For strength: When I was working out a lot more I wanted to improve my squat and bench as much as I could. What I did was found a weight I could struggle a little to do 3 sets of 10 with(with a spotter to help those last 2 or 3 reps on the 3rd set). With bench I started at 125 lbs. 3x10, once i was able to do that without help, I went to 3x12, once I was able to do that without help I added 5lbs. to each side and started at 3x8 working to 3x10 then to 3x12, then adding more weight etc. I did the same starting at 275 lbs. on squat and moving up in 10lb. increments. Within a year I was benching 3x10 of 245lbs. and squatting 3x8 of 425lbs. I eventually stopped on the squats and went down to doing sets of 315lbs. 3x12 so I wouldn't wreck my knees. But I've found this was, personally, the best way to get stronger.

I'm was slightly bigger dude than you are then and am much much bigger now(fatty). Doing that I went from 210lbs. down to 185lbs.(high school chubby fat gone), and then up to 245 lbs. I now regret getting so big as my arms and chest grew too fast(chest 44" -> 56", biceps 14" -> 19", quads 21" -> 28", neck 16" -> 19.5") and I still have stretch marks on my chest and upper arms from 10 years ago.
I expected more from your squats Confusednooty:
I am 62, 4'9" and 320 pounds. Please design a workout for me lawler.
[Image: WZpEFp9.gif?1]
[Image: NEsPq.gif]
[Image: 56jYs.gif]
It isnt a "DESIGNED" workout, It is a simple push/pull routine with an added cardio/hiit day. The weights are based on a common strength gaining protocol 5/3/1 wendler. The program is based of using % of 1rm for non linear progression in the 4 main compound lifts. I realize that you are talking about semi linear progression nex, I also realize the proven effectiveness of such a routine. Non linear progression shows more growth than linear in "advanced lifters"(hardly advanced just not eating enough for regular linear progression)for most part.

The squat, deadlift, bench, and ohp are large barbell complexes that recruit and use a large number of muscles. You will find approx 0 barbell complexes in the p90x program, Yet another fail from the over 300lb resident.

Adding in more leg based work is redundant at this point, I have highbar atg squats, deadlift, overhead squat, snatch, c&j, as well as sprints. I cannot think of a facet of the posterior chain and/or the leg that those do not involve greatly.
[Image: AJ9Mc.png][Image: AJ9Mc.png]
None of that made any sense.

How many sit-ups do I need to do in order to loose about 200lbs?
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[Image: NEsPq.gif]
[Image: 56jYs.gif]
[Image: AJ9Mc.png][Image: AJ9Mc.png]

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