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Alt Firelands Raid
Hey guys

There are 5 of us (3 dps and 2 tanks/3 dps, 1 tank and 1 heals) currently stuck due to problems with meeting regular US raid times during the week since we play from the other side of the globe. We can only make it to raid on a weekend at 9.30pm onwards Sad. Our guild is the only guild that raids at 2.30am server on weekends but for the past 2 months, noones really been showing. Ideally we'd like to set up a run on weekends from 9.30 onwards to whatever time is comfortable with everyone. Yes. Casual and once a week. But for that one day we raid hardcore (though tbh the first 6 bosses in fl can be cleared within 2 hours anyway).
Do let us now if you're interested!


I fucking hate you
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