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WLPH Blizzcon shirts
your mom procreates with everyone ethax, wasnt too hard.
[Image: quotelogo.php]
Mom jokes =(
Masex Wrote:Call of Duty almost makes me as angry as when I see guys at the bar wearing Affliction t-shirts. Fuck.
abecx Wrote:
Firecrest Wrote:I like how King Abec is all domestic and shit now. Strollers in the corner, women's razor on cabinet... Good post, keep it up.
Thats actually a furminator on the shelf, its for cleaning pet hair, works bad ass!

The stroller I picked out, Recaro's finest. Only the best for my princess.

Yeah my company makes furminator stuff, it is pretty badass got one of those for my brother's dog.
Our cat has... issues.. she'd be a mess without this thing. She used to get so angry when I would use it because she gets over stimulated really easy and everything tickles, now she just lays there and purrs, sometimes she'll just start rubbing her face on everything because she gets so happy its awesome.
[Image: quotelogo.php]
Thats actually a furminator on the shelf

Fifa coins
The company I work for makes those furminators. They are pretty awesome.

BTW cahn hated all of you.
i'm jealous
Under the Light of Dawn
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